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Small Business Training

by Sophie Cockayne – 8th June 2018
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Small and medium sized businesses in Buckinghamshire can qualify for financial help to increase the skills of their staff.


  • Eligible companies will be a small or medium sized enterprize (SME 249 full-time equivalent staff or less) with their registered business base / trading area in the county of Buckinghamshire
  • Must provide a companies house number or a UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number or failing that an EDS.
  • Have received less than €200,000 in State Aid over the last three years.

It is one voucher per company.
State funded operations, such as Schools, will not be eligible.

The process step by step:

Virtual Adviser / Online Diagnostic
1. Log onto the 'virtual-adviser' or is isn't relevant to your type of business please complete the best you can (including figures in the finance section) and work your way to the end – as you will still be able to receive the free adviser session and voucher
5. Your detailed report will be emailed to you and downloadable as a pdf. The report aims to highlight your business strengths and areas where you could develop

Complimentary consultancy to meet your bespoke learning and development needs

6. A Skills Adviser will call you to discuss your interests and priorities around how to develop your business further via learning new skills, training, coaching and development opportunities available. It is entirely bespoke, so the training can be a business function or a sector/industry specific course
7. The impartial Skills Adviser can research suitable skills providers to meet your needs and present you with a tailored range of options, written within a skills development plan
8. You will then need to make a decision about your preferred choice
9. The skills adviser will then refer you (and the skills development plan) to the chosen trainer/coach or learning provider
10. You can then go ahead with the booking and payment for the learning, training or coaching

Your £150

11. Provide the Skills Adviser with a copy of your paid invoice/receipt, along with completing our SD07 'where we should pay you' form
12. And we pay you back up to £150

More details from Sophie Cockayne – Email: SophieCockayne@adviza.org.uk

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