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Street Food Nights Return

by Alex Alderton – 8th March 2023
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Street Food Nights are back in Haddenham for 2023

We start by saying a massive thank you to everyone that attended our events at Haddenham Village Hall last year, especially those who have supported us since the very beginning, when we started with three traders back in 2019.

As we envisaged the events when we began our planning a few years back, there was seating available both inside and outside, with live music or a DJ and a bar plus a great good variety of food traders.

The one thing that made the events extra special was the community that turned up to support everyone involved. It was so nice to see and talk to people of all ages, lots of families came along in all weathers and experienced something that you don't see in most villages.

However, we always seek to improve what we bring to the people of Haddenham. The two points of feedback we received that struck us the most were waiting time and variety, both are very difficult to manage.

When dealing with hot fresh food there will always be a wait, and as the events become more popular naturally the waiting times lengthen. Having said that, we see this as a good thing as it means the events are beginning to take shape and become more popular – but no one wants to wait too long, of course.

Therefore, we've upped the number of vendors attending each event to at least six, hoping this not only reduces the waiting time but adds the variety people have been asking for. We've got 10 new traders who are joining us for the very first time.

We hope you are as excited by the prospect of the events as we are, and will come out to support our events. See you on 1st April

Schedule 2023:

Saturday 1st April
Saturday 6th May
Saturday 3rd June
Saturday 1st July (At Summerfest)
Saturday 5th August
Saturday 9th September
Saturday 7th October

We are always keen to get feedback and learn how we can improve our events so feel free to email us at aystreatmeet@gmail.com

Alex Alderton
Event organiser

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