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Summerfest 2024 Review

by Haddenham Webteam – 8th July 2024
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Thank you to our very loyal followers who braved the weather to support us at Summerfest. Without you we could not continue our fundraising for so many local good causes.

Summerfest is a community fundraising event organised and run by a small group of dedicated volunteers who are boosted by an army of helpers on the day, and before and after the event. We know everything did not go quite as smoothly as usual, but our wonderful volunteer army pulled out all the stops to ensure the event was as good as possible under the circumstances.

We are the first to put our hands up when something goes wrong, and the football screen was one of these. Having successfully showed the Word Cup in 2018 (Summerfest) and 2022 (Winterfest) , we are genuinely apologetic to those who attended this year hoping to see the football on a large screen. We had used this screen successfully in 2022 but this time round it clearly developed a fault.

Members of the stage crew, who are trained LED technicians, as well as a few of the festival attendees who were equally qualified, tried to help resolve the issue but, in the end, it became apparent that the screen was not going to be re- started after half time, even though efforts were still being made by the highly stressed operator to fix the issue.

We had screens in two of the bars which hundreds chose to watch in the dry as the rain came down and the penalties were put away. Others showed enterprising spirit and huddled as a group around a mate's smart phone under gazebos.

For those of you who preferred to leave we are sorry your enjoyment of the match was both spoiled and interrupted.

We had nearly 4,000 attendees and with so many other local festivals closing due to cost pressures, we really do appreciate your ongoing support, as will all the local organisations and charities to whom we support.

Thank you once again, and we look forward to seeing you at our next events

Winterfest : 14th December 2024

Summerfest 2025 : 5th July 2025

The Summerfest Team

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