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Theft Alert

by Haddenham Webteam – 6th December 2015
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Haddenham.net has been notified that thieves are active in our area.

A man's bicycle was stolen from a garage in The Gables sometime on Saturday night, 5th December and the owner has been informed by police that a number of similar incidents have been reported in the past few days.

Clearly, bicycles and many other items stored in garages, sheds and outhouses make for rich pickings for burglars in the run-up to Christmas.

Here are a few reminders to help keep your belongings safe:

1. Ensure that you keep your garage and shed(s) locked whenever you do not need direct access.

2. Shingle driveways can create a noisy footfall and help discourage unwanted visitors.

3. Consider the access to your rear garden – try to prevent open access by having a locked gate and remove or re-locate climbing aids such as wheelie bins. Fencing topped with diamond shaped trellis is a good deterrent and consider prickly planting to vulnerable boundaries that may run alongside footpaths.

4. Consider what lighting you have – it may be appropriate to install PIR type lights or low energy dusk to dawn sensor lights depending upon your location and the amount of natural surveillance present. Local electricians can help install suitable security lighting and good local electricians are listed in the SERVICES section of this website

5. Consider re-locating your shed – although it is tempting to "hide" it out of view at the bottom of the garden this can make it more vulnerable.

6. Consider fitting CCTV – good quality DIY systems are available from retailers such as Maplins, and some link into your WiFi system, thus simplifying the installation procedure by avoiding the need for extensive cable runs. Again, good local electricians will advise.

7. Invest in a good quality closed shackle padlock on sheds, but also remember that you need to have non-return screws or bolts to prevent hinges being removed – a padlock alone is not enough! Door bars are also available. If your shed has a window consider fixing a solid mesh to the inside of the frame and also invest in some form of screening (an old net curtain will do!).

8. Specialist security devices can be purchased to increase the security of up-and-over garage doors – e.g., see here

9. Consider purchasing a shed or garage alarm and put up some signage on the door to advertise the fact.

10. Mark all stored property so that it is identifiable – there are many types of markers available from UV to forensic chemical. Overt marking is always good on items such as tools and lawn mowers. Display stickers saying that your property is marked and traceable. www.immobilise.com is a free secure site where you can record your property with serial numbers.

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