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Tributes to Jim Robinson

by Haddenham Webteam – 21st January 2019
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jim robinson

My dear friend and colleague, Jim Robinson, passed away last week. Jim was a member of the editorial advisory group for this website and could always be relied upon to offer wise counsel. He also acted in the background as an advisor to the Haddenham.net Facebook page whenever local issues were being discussed in highly contentious ways, requiring careful moderation. Jim had a real heart for this community and was able to take a rational and balanced overview – I always followed his mature, thoughtful advice. I have lost such a close friend and the Haddenham community will miss his tireless contributions to the life of the village.
Keith Milmer
Editor, Haddenham.net

Whether acting with the Mummers, helping with Snakemoor, establishing the Beer Festival, leading the Ramblers, welcoming newcomers at the Community Fair – or many other activities over at least 40 years – Jim Robinson was someone who made Haddenham such a great place in which to live. He was a stalwart member of the Village Society, always ready with sensible comments and, above all, someone who carried out any task quickly and without fuss; he enthused others by his quiet enthusiasm.
Roderick Floud
Chair, Haddenham Village Society

Jim was a working member of Haddenham Safe Walking & Cycling Group for over 10 years. He could always be relied on to do what he promised, to raise important points, to have good ideas, to take his turn at our events and support the group. His diplomatic skills were most useful in the Gates for Stiles project where he researched the need and then successfully negotiated with the landowners to replace their 41 stiles with gates, thus opening miles of footpaths round Haddenham to those of us who do not climb stiles with ease.
Cynthia Floud
Chair, Haddenham Safe Walking & Cycling Group

Many years ago I came up with the idea of the Wychert Way, a circular walk around Haddenham linking neighbouring wychert villages and pubs. That was the easy bit. The hard work was done by Jim who negotiated with farmers and landowners to get permission to convert many stiles into kissing gates. Having been involved in agriculture he had the necessary background to achieve this objective. Thereafter, he found a contractor to do the work under Jim's guidance. The Wychert Waywill be a permanent tribute to his hard work and charm.
Brian Bowman
President, Haddenham Village Society

Jim was a committee member of the Haddenham Beer Festivals for over a decade as well as being a trustee of the charity which runs the festivals. Jim's wisdom, together with his lovely wit, humour and grace meant that he was an esteemed colleague and friend who helped grow the value of the twice yearly Beer Festivals to the village, both as village events and as a source of grants for local clubs, schools and organisations to benefit from. He will be sorely missed by all."
David Finch
Haddenham Beer Festivals Trust

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