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TV Interference from 4G?

by Haddenham Webteam – 7th February 2016
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Mobile operators are now offering 4G mobile services across the UK.

Digital TV and 4G mobile services both use parts of the radio spectrum – that is bands of frequencies – to reach those using their services. The 800 MHz frequencies used by some 4G services are next to frequencies used for Freeview. There is a very small chance this may cause disruption to your Freeview service.

Haddenham.net has recently received this comment from a local resident:

"My television has recently suffered pixillation and this has gradually got much worse. It appeared not to affect BBC but most of the other terrestrial digital signals. As the issue was making my terrestrial TV signal unwatchable, I finally called in a TV engineer.

He diagnosed the problem as interference from a 4G transmitter. I believe there is a 4G transmitter in Browns on Thame Road, which is quite close to my home.

I wonder whether this problem is affecting others in Haddenham?

I had to buy a 4G filter. However, as I have a 6-outlet TV aerial amplifier the total outlay was significant.

If the TV reception of a number of fellow residents is being adversely affected by 4G mobile services, we might get some recompense from the mobile companies."

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To find out more about this issue, see here


Response by email from Alex:
In response to your article about digital TV reception:
We have had a terrible signal for months and in the last 10 days it has got significantly worse and we are unable to watch anything except BBC and the horror channel!
We live just behind Browns so very close to the mast.
It's driving us insane! Any help / advice welcome!

Sounds like you have precisely the same 4G interference problem as described in the article.
I can put you in direct contact with Chris, the individual who first reported the issue to us if that would be useful.
Otherwise, I recommend you purchase a 4G filter for your TV feed.
They are readily accessible online, or pop into Maplins (Cambridge Close in Aylesbury, near to Wickes) and buy item code N26NY which costs £12.99 – see here
I hope this helps


No Cost Option:
The organisation called @800 has been set up to anticipate and overcome TV reception difficulties caused by 4G telephone signals, and residents in roads close to Browns (such as Wykeham Way) will have received cards through the door from this organisation offering free assistance.

If you did not receive a card through your door, or have received one but not acted on it, you can still obtain free 4G filters to eliminate TV reception problems. @800 will provide and fit a suitable device using an accredited engineer.

Telephone: 0808 1313 800 (8.00am-6.00pm, Monday to Friday).

More information is available here.

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