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Update from Morrisons Daily

by Tyler Fox – 5th June 2022
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An Update from Morrisons Daily (formerly McColls)

Quite a few customers have been querying what services are available/unavailable at the shop recently and a couple of common questions we get asked in store.

Paypoint – available (gas/electric and rent bills) ...Yes
Lottery/scratch cards – back up and available ...Yes
Stamps – 1st class and 2nd class books ...Yes
Bakery – hot food available from today including (potato dogs, bacon & cheese turnovers, cheese & onion rolls ect) all available from today ...Yes
Bakery savoury – croissants chocolate/almond/plain, Maple Pecans, apple turnovers, Yum Yums, Cadbury donuts all available from today, full range available in the coming weeks ...Yes
Bakery bread – French sticks and rolls available from 13/6 ❌

As for the stock issues, we are planned for more deliveries in the coming week we hope any gaps will be filled within the next couple of weeks we apologise for the availability issues.


Are we closing down?

What's happening with the lack of stock?
Due to a lack of depot workers stock isn't being picked and packed for delivery. The lack of delivery drivers means deliveries are arriving late to us or being cancelled.

What will change now due to Morrisons taking other McColls?
Due to us already being a Morrisons Daily not much will change if anything at all, other than less gaps on shelves.

Thank you to all our customers.

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