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Here's the lastest vaccinations update from Dr Mark Howcutt, Haddenham Medical Centre

COVID-19 Vaccinations Update 27th April 2021

"I've had my first vaccine. When will I have my second?"

Patients will usually have their second vaccine around 11-12 weeks after their first dose. Your second vaccine should happen at the same centre as your first vaccine unless exceptional circumstances prevent this.

"I'm planning to go on holiday/travel abroad with work and want my second vaccine early. Can you arrange this?"

We are receiving a lot of calls about this. When you received your first vaccination, your second was allocated to arrive with us 11-12 weeks later. Therefore, we cannot bring vaccines forward to accommodate travel plans.

"What's happening at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium Hub?"

We are continuing to support the Stoke Mandeville Stadium Hub which is providing second COVID vaccines for those patients who had their first there. Soon we will also be providing vaccines for the under 50s.

In addition, the mass-vaccination centre which was based at the Aylesbury campus of Bucks New University (opposite the "blue leanie" building) has now also moved to the Stadium to join us. If you had your first vaccine at the Aylesbury campus, you should be contacted by the mass-vaccination team to inform you that you should attend the stadium for your second jab.

"I am 42 years old. Can I now book my COVID-19 vaccination?"

The Government has just announced today that patients aged 42 years and over can now book their COVID-19 vaccination from this week.

You can book an appointment at a mass-vaccination centre or a pharmacy-led site (like JMW Pharmacy in Haddenham) online here or by ringing 119.

We will be starting to invite patients to the GP-led clinics soon but, as yet, we have not received any vaccine supply to do this.

And finally...

"Every vaccine gives us hope. So (when you can) play your part, roll your sleeves up and get the vaccine"

Dr Mark Howcutt
Haddenham Medical Centre

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