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Warm Spaces Concludes

by Loraine Milmer – 26th February 2023
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warm spaces volunteers

Enormous thanks go to the team of wonderful volunteers who gave their precious time to provide support for the warm, welcoming spaces over the past 4 months (November to February).

The photograph here does not include all volunteers – so please know how grateful we have been for all help and support provided.

The Warm Spaces initiative has linked many different groups and organisations in the village, as well as those individuals who wanted to lend a hand. I always get anxious at naming people for fear of missing some one out, but the groups who have been key in enabling this have been:

  • the Parish Council
  • the Village Hall committee
  • the Library
  • the Village Society
  • All the Churches in the Village

There has been a coordinating committee with representation from each of these groups and it has been really encouraging to work together and make new friends, as we took this project forward.

Warm spaces, games, a friendly face, warm refreshments and a hot soup lunch were made available three days a week for anyone who wanted to drop in.

Leaflet drops were made in some parts of the village, posters displayed and the Haddenham.net website and Facebook page were all used to advertise and promote the venture. Although the uptake was limited, everyone agreed that it was the right thing to have done.

We can speculate at length about the modest demand and have chatted to those who did drop in. There were a number of factors, almost all of which were outside our control – not least the relatively mild winter we've experienced. Ironically, when the weather was extremely cold, it seems that some folk were much less likely to venture out from their home! There are always things to learn, of course.

Despite the modest take-up. organisers remain very grateful for the time given, loyalty and willingness to support others in our community. Thank you.

Loraine Milmer

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