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Please water young trees during this dry , hot spell

Any drought conditions or times when there is little rain fall during the summer months, sadly it's not just vulnerable people and pets that suffer but young trees really struggle to survive. In fact, any new sapling really needs to be watered regularly throughout any summer, during the first two years of being planted.

You may have noticed the recent street trees that have been planted throughout Haddenham as part of the drive to deal with climate change. The same group (ReLeaf Haddenham, as part of the carbon zero group) has also planted smaller, but no less significant trees throughout the village.

The small group of volunteers that make up ReLeaf have committed to watering individual trees throughout Haddenham, unfortunately as we are a very small number, it means that whilst we water the trees that we have put in regularly, we can't cover the whole village or check if young trees that we haven't planted are struggling to survive during the hot summer months.

During this heat wave and beyond, if you happen to see a tree in the village that is struggling or just looking a bit limp, would you please water it, a simple bucket or watering can full of water will make the difference between the tree dying or surviving this hot summer and each tree that survives makes a difference to mitigating Global warming.

We would all benefit from as much help as we can all give to keep as many trees alive throughout this hot summer as possible, please.

Trees enrich our local environment — they make the place greener and convert harmful CO2 into oxygen.

Thank you so much for your support in helping to make a difference locally and ultimately globally.

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