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Wind Turbine Concerns?

by Michael Tyce & Others – 3rd October 2012
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Are you concerned about plans for wind turbines to be built near Haddenham?

If these get the go-ahead, the closest one will be a 101m high wind turbine at Lower Waldridge Farm, in Ford. Another is being planned for Rowan Farm, Henton in Oxfordshire. Both wind turbines will be clearly visible from Haddenham.

The attached maps (see documents under photos, available for download) show the potential visual impact of the Ford and Henton proposals. The Ford turbine visibility map covers a very wide area, because the proposed turbine is so tall. It is also a large file, so please be patient if the document takes a while to download. Once you've opened this PDF file, you can zoom down to an easily visible level by holding your Ctrl key down while hitting the + (plus) key on your keyboard.

The application details for the Henton wind turbine are available here.

The proposed wind turbine in Ford will be easily visible from Haddenham, due to its proximity and its sheer height (more than 65% taller than Bucks County Council offices, and even taller than Big Ben clock tower in London).

To see how the Ford and Dinton communities have responded, see here.

Some commentators take the view that, if these turbines are allowed to go ahead, they will be followed by others all over this part of the country, as it is virtually impossible to fail to make money out of a turbine given the hefty subsidies we are all forced to pay by the Government from our electricity bills.

You may wish to respond to the Henton consultation via the link available on the DODC webpage – but you'll need to get you skates on, as the consultation period closes on 19th October. The proposed Ford turbine does not yet seem to have reached the public consultation stage. We will let you know as and when that position changes.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England's policy which is that, whilst they support renewable energy, this must not be at unacceptable expense to the countryside and its residents.

If you wish to make a comment that will help inform the response of Haddenham Parish Council to the proposed Ford wind turbine, please get in contact with David Truesdale, chairman of the Planning Committee.
Tel: 01844 291407
Email: david.truesdale@chg.org.uk

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