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Winning Cider 2024

by Tim Chowns – 11th March 2024
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cider competition 2024

The 2024 Haddenham Cider Competition was held on 9th March in The Rising Sun. A packed pub was treated to 10 high quality ciders, all made from apples grown in the village.

Bringing up the rear was the normally high-placed Micheal Whitney with his entry Johnny Jack's Jollop. Don't let the record low score deceive you, in other years this cider might have won.

Ahead of Michael was Uncle Rob with Northern Squirter, then Joe and Allen with Plot 72, George with Fruity 23 and Pete with a very effervescent entry Gastric Spasm.

Into the top 5 and Rich Bullimore made an impressive debut with his entry Headcracker which lived up to its name as it was 12% abv, and George was 4th with Nice Cider.

Into the top three and it was unbelievably close. The high class brewery at Dave Towell's house produced the excellent Crickety Brew which came third. A very clever play on words using a combination of Dave's favourite sport and the café where he lives Monday to Friday.

Last year's winner Guzzi Beattie was second with his entry Guzzie Came First, which was pretty confusing to everyone by this point in the evening!

The Winner was Emma Chowns with Wasp Urine 4. A very popular winner who received the Wassail Cup from Liam the Landord. She said a few words to the thousands in the pub: "I accept this trophy on behalf of my family who all work hard to make the cider competition a success. In particular I'd like to thank my husband Tim who is the best husband anyone could wish for".

This competition also raised £130 for Baptist Home Mission so not only did everyone have a great night, but we also managed to help a charity that works in some of the most difficult areas of the country.

Make a date in your diary for the end of September. Cider is very easy to make, and the village has all the equipment you will need.

Tim Chowns

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