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Haddenham Parish Council has successfully secured funding for a new zebra pedestrian crossing on Woodways to provide better access to Haddenham Infant and Junior Schools and improve the safety for school children, parents, and local residents, during times of peak traffic.

The works will include installation of the new zebra crossing, repositioning of one pair of existing speed cushions, and replacement of the existing build-out island, with a new pair of speed cushions. This is to improve the safety for traffic exiting east from the Tennis Court car park, which has generated much recent public concern. There will also be street lighting improvements to adequately illuminate the new zebra crossing and the installed speed cushions.

The bus shelter on the south (infant school) side of Woodways will also be moved a short distance.

The Parish Council has received the funding for this project from Aylesbury Vale District Council's New Homes Bonus Fund.

During February 2016, the parish council conducted an informal consultation to gauge public support for the proposals. The resulting public opinion for the scheme has been extremely encouraging, and now Transport for Buckinghamshire will proceed to formal Statutory Consultation with the proposals.

The consultation is expected to run from 23 March to 20 April 2016. Subject to a successful outcome, it is the intention for Transport for Buckinghamshire to construct and deliver the scheme during May 2016, on behalf of Haddenham Parish Council.

The attached plan illustrates these proposals for the zebra crossing and associated traffic calming works.

Have Your Say ...
Your editor had assumed that the new zebra crossing had already been agreed — i.e., "a done deal". But it appears not. So, we recommend that you offer your comments, positive or otherwise, before 20th April. In the unlikely event that anyone would wish to object to the proposal, such objections must make clear the grounds on which those objections are being made. Positive supportive comments are also requested from those inclined to offer these.

Please bear in mind that proposed new housing developments in the pipeline on the south-east side of the village (including the proposed 43 homes by Rectory Homes on land alongside Stanbridge Road north of the garden centre, and 280 houses on the Aston Road/glebe site, courtesy of Lightwood Strategic) will inevitably increase traffic flows up Standbridge Road and along Woodways.

Ways of offering your comments:

In writing to:
For attention of Adrian Lane
Area Scheme Delivery Team
Transport for Buckinghamshire
Corrib Industrial Park
Griffin Lane
Buckinghamshire HP19 8BP

By email to: t-alane@buckscc.org

By telephone to: 0845 2302882 or 01296 382416, (BCC Contact Centre)

On the Internet : via BCC's "Have Your Say" web page

The deadline for responses is the 20th April 2016.

For further information, please see also TFB Schemes' specific web page for this project.

Once the consultation results are collated and analysed, a consultation decision report will be completed. This report will also be available on the BCC webpage.

If you have any further questions about the proposed changes, or require assistance to take part, please call our contact centre on 0845 2302882 or 01296 382416.