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Xmas Pressie for Blooming Fruity!

by Haddenham Webteam – 20th December 2023
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True Refrigeration saves the day for community shop

Following a successful community buyout supported by over 250 people, Blooming Fruity became one of only a handful of community-owned greengrocers in the country in September this year.

The community had rallied round after the previous owner's decision to sell the much-loved shop, and a group of volunteers spent countless hours working up a business plan to secure its future, so that villagers could continue to enjoy a wide range of quality fresh produce, friendly service and a valued community hub. The response to the share offer was overwhelming, and we have been delighted to see footfall increase since, with the shop looking better than ever under its enthusiastic new managers.

It soon became apparent, however, that we would have to replace the ageing chiller units we had inherited. A significant expense but a worthwhile investment, given that the extra capacity would also make it possible to keep the produce fresher as well as adding new lines. Extensive research, plus an endorsement from the Plunkett foundation suggested that a pair of True chillers would provide the required combination high quality, ease of use and energy efficiency.

The order was duly placed with a long-standing supplier of True Refrigeration goods, and the team made preparations to accommodate the new chillers in the shop. We had been told it would take around a month to source the chillers and arrange delivery, but after a while, alarm bells began to ring. Finally, we heard the shocking news that the supplier had gone into administration.

This was a huge blow to us – the village had put its trust in us to save and improve its greengrocer and the most important purchase we had planned to date had suddenly gone up in smoke. Having to spend a similar amount of money to plug the gap was unthinkable.

Reeling from the news, we approached True Refrigeration direct to explain the situation and to see if they could do anything at all to help us. We would have been very happy with ex-demo, reconditioned, second-hand chiller units provided they worked! Incredibly, True responded to our plea. They provided us with two brand new chiller units – exactly the same as the ones we ordered – and even paid for delivery and instalment.

We are completely overwhelmed with this generosity and support of our project. True Refrigeration have gone over and above anything we could have expected. Thank you so much.

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