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'YES' Campaign Launched

by Haddenham Webteam – 8th June 2015
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Haddenham's Neighbourhood Plan (NP) will be offered in a local referendum in just five-and-a-half weeks' time. The precise date has now been confirmed:

Thursday 16th July 2015.

The Parish Council has led a well-executed consultation over the last two years, to understand the desires and preferences of residents in terms of how they would like to see the village develop over the next 15-20 years. This NP consultation process captured the results of all feedback from residents, so that a broad consensus could be established and presented back to the village community. If a majority of those voting in the referendum say 'Yes' to the Plan, AVDC (after checking that it is compatible with EU obligations) will accept it as the final document. It then becomes an instrument that will have legal force in deciding planning applications, shaping the future development of Haddenham.

The details of the referendum are summarised on the PDF – see below graphic.
The full Neighbourhood Plan can also be downloaded – click on Haddenham NP below the Y4H graphic.

Some growth of Haddenham is inevitable – we will need to accept this reality as our part in helping to provide much-needed additional housing in this country. Voting 'Yes' in the referendum provides us with a significant degree of influence over the scale, nature and location of any new homes. Voting 'No' leaves us with no such protection.

Many residents of Haddenham have recognised that the Neighbourhood Plan is the single most effective way of stopping uncontrolled and inappropriate growth created by speculative developers for commercial gains. A campaign group has therefore been formed to help communicate this to all those eligible to vote in Haddenham's local referendum – especially those who may not yet fully appreciate how important a 'Yes' vote will be.

Haddenham Parish Council must remain totally neutral over the referendum voting process. So the 'Yes4Haddenham' campaign is being led by a wide group of local people, living throughout the village. This is a community-wide initiative, drawn from such organisations as the Village Society and the Haddenham Action Group. It also has the full support of Haddenham.net.

You can find out more about the Yes4Haddenham campaign and how you can assist in achieving its aims by visiting its website at: y4h.org.uk

The full details of the Haddenham Neighbourhood Plan, including all supporting documentation can be found on the AVDC website here. But the information needs of most Haddenham residents will be adequately served by reading the Haddenham NP document located below the Y4H graphic on this page.

Vote YES in Haddenham's local referendum to accept the Neighbourhood Plan.

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