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Your Last Chance!

by Haddenham Webteam – 26th January 2015
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The single most important decision regarding the future size, shape and composition of the village of Haddenham will be decided on Wednesday this week (28th January).

AVDC will make that decision at a meeting to be held in the Oculus which is in the AVDC building located at The Gateway, on Gatehouse Road in Aylesbury, HP19 8FF.

Haddenham residents are being encouraged to attend – or at least to provide a group presence outside the building when members of the Strategic Development Management Committee arrive for the meeting.

If you go into Aylesbury on the Oxford Road/A418, turn left down Gatehouse Road, The Gateway, with lots of parking, is on the left immediately after Lloyds Bank, and about 100 yards before you reach Bicester Road. Please do go to the meeting if you possibly can.

The AVDC Strategic Development Management Committee will be considering the application to erect 280 residential units on the Aston Road site to the north of Tiggywinkles, including the area known as the Glebe Land. The application was originally lodged on 8th September 2014 and subsequently amended on 24th December 2014. The AVDC Planning Department has recommended that the application should be approved, depite the impact that this would have in terms of undermining the Neighbourhood Plan.

Although the opportunity to address the Committee on Wednesday is limited to those who have successfully applied to AVDC beforehand, a large turnout of villagers would show how concerned and vexed the residents of Haddenham have become.

No banners will be permitted in the Oculus itself, although a prominent display outside would help to communicate a clear message.

It is anticipated that objections will be expressed by representatives of both the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan team who are well versed in planning matters.

The meeting has only this item on its agenda and it will start promptly at 1.00pm. As the committee members are expected to arrive probably at 12.15 or so, it is suggested that villagers rendezvous in the car park at The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8FF at 12.00 noon.

Haddenham Parish Council has already expressed its concerns by written submissions. It has requested that the Secretary of State 'call in the application' and has appealed to and received support from our MP.

On the AVDC planning website there are representations suggesting that 240 individuals have objected to this application. It is considered to be in the wrong place and is too large. It is also contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan as currently being drawn up for Haddenham.

The village's Neighbourhood Plan will be formally submitted to AVDC on Tuesday 27th January, one day before the Strategic Development Management Committee meets. If they approve the Aston Road planning application, it will have serious implications for the future of the village. It will not negate the Neighbourhood Plan completely but a lot more work will be needed, together with further consultations, in order for that Plan to be made and become final.

In the mean time, without the legal protection afforded by the Plan and the protection of a District Council Strategic Plan, the village is an attractive target for developers and the flood gates will open.

If you can't get along to the meeting in person on Wednesday, please write to members of the Strategic Development Management Committee before it's too late. You can find their contact details here. The Haddenham Action Group distributed a leaflet through the letterboxes of Haddenham residents over the weekend, and this provides suggestions for the ways in which residents might choose to voice their concerns.

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