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Yummy School Lunches!

by Haddenham Webteam – 6th September 2014
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The media 'hype' would have you believe that the implementation of hot school lunches for all infant school aged children has been near impossible for schools. However, Haddenham St Mary's School has come up with a great solution to the problem in the form of Haddenham's very own Kirsty's Kitchen.

The school is currently having a kitchen built to provide meals for Haddenham Community Juniors, Cuddington and Dinton CE school and themselves. Unfortunately due to a late decision with government funding, the kitchen will not be finished until October half term but Kirsty's Kitchen is providing the perfect solution in the interim period, and it is hoped that Kirsty will be able to support lunch provision in the long term, too, with her expert knowledge.

The food is home cooked, all fresh and nutritious. Kirsty is also using produce from the school's kitchen garden in conjunction with Jamie Oliver's kitchen garden project.

Haddenham St Marys really is taking on board the whole philosophy of the school food plan which stipulates the importance of the whole 'grow, cook, eat' ethos. The children are growing the food, will be helping to cook it and enjoy the social experience of eating healthy, nutritious food together as friends.

Headteacher of St Mary's, Karen Collett, said "We are very pleased to have Kirsty's kitchen providing meals in conjunction with the school as she is part of the local community and our community is extremely important to the school. This is besides the fact that her food is wonderful!"

Karen was thrilled last week when she was nominated by the Children's Food Trust to be invited by Nick Clegg to a reception at Admiralty House, Whitehall in celebration of the implementation of Universal Infant Free School Meals. this was in recognition of the school's outstanding efforts to implement the meals in the correct way and not to be providing mass produced meals from a commercial 'hub kitchen' from which the food is generally pre-packed (like in-flight meal) or frozen.

As Karen concluded: "The school believes that children with nutritious warm food in their tummies perform better in the afternoon."

At the Community Infant School too!

Co-head teachers at HCIS, Lucy McNeil and Justine Mitchener, are also pleased to announce that they have had a new kitchen fitted over the summer break. This will be used on a daily basis to serve children with midday meals.

According to Lucy McNeil, "It was so exciting for staff as well as children to watch the children enjoying their hot dinner round our new super duper colourful tables."

"The reports back from the children were all extremely positive. One little boy in Year 1 told me "This was the best meat ever" and another said, 'I love roast dinners and it tastes even better than my Dad's'."

There are photos on the school website showing HCIS children enjoying the whole lunch time experience – please see here

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