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Tuesday 7th Jul

4:19pmAli Jeffery on Renaming Slave Hill - some thoughts
  • Secondly even in the absence of a historical association with slavery, the road name could be mistaken for a celebration of slavery. Even with a noticeboard explaining the history, drivers, cyclists etc. would see the name and could understandably make assumptions that locals feel slavery is worth celebration.

    Also if the name is to do with how hard the ground was, the name Slave Hill belittles actual slavery — the abhorrent act of taking ownership of people, selling them like objects, separating families, raping, killing them.

    Editor's comment: Dictionary definition of the verb: slave (away) (at something) to work very hard

Monday 6th Jul

11:08pmAli Jeffery on Renaming Slave Hill - some thoughts
  • I have a few thoughts about this proposal in the village of my childhood.
    Firstly, I wonder if the council have consulted with Black residents about their thoughts — whether Slave Hill should be renamed, what it should be changed to. Just going ahead and changing it without consultation could be seen as empty virtue signalling and silencing Black voices. To ask local Black residents what they would like to change it to would be a far better way.

Sunday 5th Jul

2:32pmFreda Dorrell on Renaming Slave Hill - NO
  • Absolutely NOT.
    Please let's stop all this nonsense.

Saturday 4th Jul

1:54pmIan Evans on Renaming Slave Hill - NO
  • As a resident of Slave Hill, I have received a letter from the Council proposing a change of name for Slave Hill in light of recent events. This is driven by political correctness and I am totally against this proposal. "Slave Hill" is just a name and simply reflects the historical difficulty in working the stony ground of this area — it has nothing to do with the history of our black communities.

    Please note, if you are a resident of Slave Hill then you need to reply to the council opposing the change. If they get no reply from your address they will take this as your approval for the change !

    If you do nothing, then the name change will go ahead by stealth with all the huge implications and costs this carries.....

    Editor's comment: We have published this contribution in the same way that a traditional local newspaper might publish a letter from one of its readers. The opinions expressed are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the editor of this community website.

Thursday 11th Jun

7:49pmLesley Dance on Do you speak fluent Russian ?
  • Hi
    Does anyone in the village speak fluent Russian ? I support a wildlife charity who is looking for some translation and voice over. If you are interested drop me a mail for more details.
    Many thanks

Sunday 31st May

8:37pmGareth Hymas on Found
  • I found a blue tooth speaker whilst walking through the field adjacent to station road, near to where the hay bales were stacked. Please contact me for its safe return 07581 170472.

Friday 1st May

9:39pmDavid Want on Covid
  • Anyone know where I post my covid test sample? is it inside Haddenham post office? Royal Mail implies it's somewhere nearby the post office. We can't go out to check. Thanks

Friday 17th Apr

10:01amRob_D on Lost Cat - Jasmine
  • Hi all,

    We've recently moved to Haddenham — Fairfield Close, just off Standbridge Road and our cat Jasmine has gone missing. She's medium size — grey with white and black stripes

    If anyone sees her please could you contact me on 07818048980

    Many thanks!

9:12amRobD on Lost Cat - Jasmine
  • Hi all,

    We've recently moved to Haddenham — Fairfield Close off Standbridge Road and have lost our cat Jasmine — she's small to medium size, Grey with Black and White stripes

    If anyone sees her please could you contact me on 07818048980

    Many thanks,

Tuesday 7th Apr

2:12pmSunshine on Lost Keys
  • I lost a set of silver keys while we were walking in the park yesterday.. We know someone found them... Please get in touch on 07383992434. Thank you.

2:00pmSunshine on Lost Keys
  • Hello... I have lost a set of silver keys yesterday, when I went to the Woodways Rec with the kids. It fell out of my pocket accidentally... I know someone took it as the lad who was mowing the grass in the field told me someone took it and was looking for the keys' owner. If anyone knows any info please email me: buildingup@yahoo.com

    Thank you

Wednesday 1st Apr

11:50amBrenda Bonnage on What new shops or businesses do you want?
  • I think a cycle shop, Sales & Repairs, would be welcome.

Monday 30th Mar

11:57amFarners on What new shops or businesses do you want?
  • Hi all,
    I am moving to the area and am keen to set up a small business in Thame/Haddenham; I have a few different ideas and want to know what you feel you need or want? Or what you definitely don't want! Some examples are... a vintage furniture/clothes shop, a specialist coffee shop, a parent and child coffee shop, a flower shop, a clothes shop (children's, adults?)...? I can't wait to hear your thoughts. Thanks a lot.

Friday 20th Mar

1:12pmBren on Share & Chat start-up?
  • Great to have haddenham.net up & running again. Wonderful to see all the help and support available. Well done h.net team and village volunteers. You are all doing an amazing job.
    Perhaps we can start up this Share & Chat page for others like myself who don't 'do' Facebook.
    At the moment my lounge is strewn with old/new albums, boxes & packets of photos all being revamped with hand written family history notes written in them too.
    A great way to relieve the boredom and tidy things up too, so give it a try.

Friday 21st Feb

6:49pmPeter Williams on Poster removal
  • I have to report again that the "Phantom Poster Remover"! (refer my previous correspondence) is continuing to strike. I have recently had at least four posters removed from poles within days of posting them.
    This I find disheartening and it makes me wonder what sort of person this must be who can willfully hamper the efforts of others to carry out their charitable work.
    It would be interesting to hear the comments of others who may also have experienced this selfish behaviour or what their feelings or comments may be?
    Kind regards
    Peter Williams (Haddenham Community Support Group)

Thursday 28th Nov

12:08pmOn Behalf of Another on Personal Care Service
  • Private carer/PA has availability morning and afternoons for companionship calls.
    Qualified in all aspects of care including personal care, food prep and cooking, medication administration, housework, shopping and trips out & about. I am fully insured, registered with AVDC and a current Care Certificate holder. I believe in quality family-like care for my clients, am warm, friendly, trustworthy and reliable and will get current references on request. Based in a Haddenham £16ph. If you are looking for care for yourself or a loved one please contact Katie 07799332253

Monday 4th Nov

10:36amOn Behalf of Another on Citizens Advice Volunteers Needed
  • Thame Citizens Advice is seeking volunteers to help with reception or to train as an Adviser. For more information please email Liz Johnson, thame@osavcab.org.uk

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