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Friday 21st May

5:39pmOn Behalf of Another on Child Minder Wanted
  • Part-time nanny/ childminder:
    I am looking for an experienced part-time nanny/ childminder for 7 month boy (will be 1 year old in September). Start date will be September. Based in Haddenham.
    Please contact Cass:
    07944 290267

Tuesday 30th Mar

8:16pmCarole Henry on Found
  • Some groceries.
    If you lost some of your groceries on your route home, then I may have found them.
    Please contact me to arrange collection.
    01844 291 281

Saturday 27th Mar

5:36pmJean Kelly on Lost Cochlear deaf aid
  • Saturday 27th March, beige cochlear ear piece lost between Post Office and Co-op, route via Rudds Lane and cut through business park. If found, please return to 14 Printers Piece Haddenham HP17 8NF or text 07813 817 222 (Taking telephone calls is difficult for obvious reason).

    Thank you all.

Tuesday 23rd Feb

9:22pmWilliam Foster-Jones on Found
  • We found an iPhone on the dog walkers path in the permissive access field that runs by the railway. It still works and powers up showing a little girl on the lockscreen. Please let us know if you think this may be yours. 07773 918237

Tuesday 16th Feb

3:21pmCarole Henry on Cat bed
  • I have a cat bed, clean free for anyone who needs one.

Wednesday 27th Jan

11:52amNicola Waters on Admin services
  • I live in Haddenham and looking for anyone who needs office help or PA services, happy to help out with home / office services. Please let me know. Email: nicolacm@outlook.com

Monday 25th Jan

4:41pmKaren Fielding on internet access Aspen Park
  • Hello David, I've heard from a family member in an IT business that Hyperoptic is actually very good. They use it at work. It's not available on his street at the moment or he would switch in an instant. He thinks it's probably the best one to get, you get a full fibre connection, so very good speeds and quite cheap.

Wednesday 13th Jan

11:34amDavid Hayle on internet access Aspen Park
  • Living on Aspen Park I had to take BT internet as it was the only one available to me at the time.
    I now see that a company called Hyperoptic is available. Has any other resident taken Hyperoptic, it is certainly a lot cheaper than BT but does it do what it says on the tin?

Wednesday 11th Nov

4:23pmZhihong Wong on Accommodation over the Christmas
  • I just wonder any recommendation for a temporary accommodation during this Christmas to New Year. I will be visiting my family on my own for one to two weeks in Haddenahm. Any BB or AirBNB will do from 24/12 to 2/1/2021. Dates — negotiable.

Monday 12th Oct

10:33amCharles Simpson on New road markings & bollards
  • I am all for cycle and pedestrian safety and there is clear need for improvements. But I want to see the plans, consultations, project team and budget published for general consumption. I would be particularly interested to see the risk assessment documents. I also want the LA to publish clear educational/instructional documents on how they think drivers and cyclists should interpret and use the new layouts. With no central white line and having observed cars not sure whether they should be head on or not there is going to be tears. Who is responsible?

    Editor's comment: An update from the Parish Council regarding the cycle path along Thame Road.
    Please note that this is a Buckinghamshire Council project, so if residents wish to provide feedback, good or bad, they should do so at the following location: https://www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-transport/active-travel/active-travel-feedback/?fbclid=IwAR2ZfX26BlzwtxyFebnP_Iy8xdfolPERYfuf5PVuqv-80aAGUinT96_EpCQ

Sunday 11th Oct

4:05pmDenis Taylor on Haddenham Museum 2021 calender
  • Are these available yet , where can they be purchased.

    Editor's comment: A notification is imminent — please keep an eye on this website

Saturday 10th Oct

3:31pmIngrid Holmes on Handyman wanted
  • Does anyone know a handyman who can do some small repairs around my house?

Friday 9th Oct

2:39pmLynn Hodsdon on Flu clinic
  • Couldn't agree more however the pharmacy couldnt have been more helpfull I was helped by a very nice lady.

Tuesday 6th Oct

10:13pmRichard Barrie on Flu clinic
  • More platitudes and excuses.

    How many registered patients are over 65 ( well 66 now), how many patients are listed as vulnerable.? Seems to be simple arithmetic even a year ago.

    The Health Centre serves itself, not the community.

Friday 4th Sep

9:47amRichard Barrie on Flu clinic
  • So basically the Health Centre are saying "tough — we can't cope, we can't make appointments however vulnerable you are, our receptionists are free to be as obstructive as they like and we won't do anything about it."

Thursday 27th Aug

4:03pmJulian Watson on Snakemoor Nature Reserve
  • News from Snakemoor:

    The orchard area has a good crop of fruit this autumn — all are welcome to pick reasonable quantities (especially the damson tree, which is so heavily laden, a branch has sadly broken off) — as long as this is done with care, avoiding damage to the trees.

Thursday 23rd Jul

8:00amBrenda Bonnage on Zero Carbon Haddenham
  • Brilliant Z.C.H. meeting last night via Zoom.
    I have a few ideas.
    Adult trikes with 20's plenty embellished on wearers Hi-Viz. Great traffic calmer, 3 wheels safer than two among potholes. A group discount buying scheme & someone local for repairs, they don't fit in cars!
    Clover lawns are nitrogen fixating, drought tolerant, resists pet urine, grows in bad soil and attracts bee's.
    Collect your 'grey' water for watering.
    Any other ideas?

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