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Safe Walking & Cycling

by Andrew Gordon – 18th March 2022
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Prompted by the rising interest in the design of Haddenham's streets brought on by the Parish Council's Streetscape project, the Haddenham Safe Walking and Cycling Group has launched a newsletter intended to bring the village's street and footpath issues into wider discussion.

The new publication is titled SIGNPOSTS and its first issue can be seen here.

The Safe Walking and Cycling Group has long monitored street and footpath developments in and around Haddenham and it has promoted a number of initiatives, including the footpath to Snakemoor, the cycle track beside the playing fields and the recent Green Lane towards Dinton.

In addition to current developments, SIGNPOSTS will air new ideas as to how we move about the village, taking a balanced view between the interests of walkers, cyclists and drivers, and not excluding horse riders, wheelchair users and the problems of parking.

The second issue, due in the first week of April, will be mainly devoted to the Streetscape project, which is expected to move to public consultation in that month.

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